The functions for network/internet operations are described here.

The hinfo type is used to get url address information and has the following fields:
  • int Status - response status.
  • int Length - content size. It may not be specified (equal to 0).
  • str Type - content type. For example, text/html; charset=UTF-8.

The Download function downloads the file from the specified URL and saves it with the specified filename. The function returns the size of the downloaded file.
str ftemp = TempDir() + `/readme.html`
int size = Download("", ftemp)

The HeadInfo function sends a HEAD request to the specified url and returns the hinfo structure.

The HTTPGet function sends a GET request to the specified URL and returns a response as a buf variable. The function can be used to download small files without saving them to disk.

The HTTPPage function sends a GET request to the specified URL and returns a string response.

The HTTPRequest function sends an HTTP request to the specified URL and returns the response as a string. In the method parameter you need to specify the calling method - GET, POST, UPDATE, PUT, DELETE. The function also allows you to specify parameters and request headers. They are described as associative arrays where parameter name or header name is specified as a key. By default, the parameters are passed as form data when POST is called. If you want to send them in JSON format, then specify "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=UTF-8" in the headers parameter.
map empty
Println(HTTPRequest(TESTURL, "GET", empty, empty))
map params = { `name`: `Jong Doe`, `id`: `101` }
Println(HTTPRequest(TESTURL, "GET", params, empty))
Println(HTTPRequest(TESTURL, "POST", params, empty))
map headjson = { `Content-Type`: `application/json; charset=UTF-8` }
Println(HTTPRequest(TESTURL, "POST", params, headjson))
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HTTP functions
Download( str url, str filename ) int
HeadInfo(str url) hinfo
HTTPGet( str url ) buf
HTTPPage( str url ) str
HTTPRequest( str url, str method, map.str params, map.str headers ) str