The functions for manipulating filename paths are described here.


AbsPath(str path) str

The AbsPath function returns an absolute representation of path.

BaseName(str path) str

The BaseName function returns the last element of path. Trailing path separators are removed before extracting the last element. If the path is empty, the function returns ".".

Dir(str path) str

The Dir function returns all but the last element of path, typically the path's directory.

Ext(str path) str

The Ext function returns the file name extension. The result extension is without a dot.

JoinPath(str path...) str

The JoinPath function joins any number of path elements into a single path, adding a separator if necessary.

MatchPath(str pattern, str path) bool

The MatchPath function checks if the given name matches the specified pattern. The function checks the pattern completely for the specified path, not for the substring. You can use a regular expression as a pattern. To do this, add a / at the beginning and end.

  • '*' - matches any sequence of non-separator characters

  • '?' - matches any single non-separator character

MatchPath(`*.txt`, `myfile.txt`)       // true
MatchPath(`?a?.pdf`, `1ab.pdf`)        // true
MatchPath(`/home/ak/my.pdf`, `*.pdf`)         // false
MatchPath(`/home/ak/my.pdf`, `/home/*/my.*`)  // true
MatchPath(`/home/ak/my.pdf`, `/home/*/my.*`) // true
MatchPath(`/user/`, `/home/user/myfile`) // true

Path(finfo fi) str

The Path function concatenates the Name and Dir fields of the finfo variable and returns the resulting path.

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